With over three decades of experience serving the legal profession, we’ve seen it all. Those who evade, those who use aliases, those who claim to be “no longer at this address.” Whether it is civil process, court filings, or the skip tracing of parties who don’t want to be found, our “we’ve been there before” resourcefulness and follow through gets the job done.


Texas Judges won’t stand for apologies for delayed or improper service and neither should you.

We’ve built a reputation for getting the job done right, and done right the first time.

We deliver 24/7 on YOUR schedule,
not ours.


As experienced Texas process servers, we know that the last thing your case needs is service that is less than diligent.
Superior Service, our name says it all.

We’re ready to earn your trust, and ready to work whenever you are...

You deserve Superior Service.
First time. Every time.